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The farm "Isola Felice" is located in the heart of one of the most evocative valleys of the Sicilian hinterland. The farm is surrounded by a vast ancient olive grove and offers an unforgettable view: woods, cultivated fields, hills and mountains covered with lush vegetation.Per chi ama la natura, " Isola Felice "is the ideal place to spend a pleasant holiday.There are numerous and diversified itineraries that you can do: both naturalistic, you can choose to go to the highest mountains of the Ennese province, both cultural as Nicosia, which will hit you for its many and ancient churches( inside the cathedral of San Nicola one of the most precious and important wooden roofs in Europe and for its elegant noble palaces). Agira with its majestic Abbey. Moreover the Isola Felice company has specialized in the production of biodynamic agriculture, vegetables such as tomatoes and other vegetables Mr. Fiscella, owner of the company for over 10 years, carries out research on the Nebrodi pig by making crosses with native breeds, from the cross you get an excellent meat. All our products can be purchased in the company.

biodynamic agriculture

The Isola Felice company specializes in the production of biodynamic agriculture, vegetables such as tomatoes in different varieties, salads, dry and semi-dry, concentrate extract with the traditional method of the past, without chemical additives. Moreover it is produced with the biodynamic method, directly in the company. Another very important biodynamic product for Isola Felice is olive oil, extracted from more than 1,000 ancient olive trees, ancient varieties dating back to the Arab dominations. The oil is produced with agronomic methods for the fertilization and for the prevention of diseases that affect plants (fungal diseases, and fly dearia). The derivatives from olive trees are: oil, black and white olives in oil, olives in brine. The company also grows and produces legumes of ancient varieties, such as broad beans, chickpeas, lentils, grass peas, all produced with the entire genetic code, with highly biodynamic methods of cultivation without the use of herbicides and chemical additives. We also produce jam jams without sugar, but only with fructose and are: prickly pear, quince, wild berries and other varieties. As cheeses we produce: ricotta salata al peperoncino, fresh cheeses, aged cheeses. The Isola Felice company and the owner Mr. Fiscella has been researching the Nebrodi pig for over 10 years, crossing them with native breeds (local meat breed). From the crossing of these breeds you get a 'good meat with a very high rate of polyunsaturated fats rich in Omega 3 and Omega 6 and vitamin E. The meat has a well-bodied fullness rich in a very special taste. The meat from the protein point of view is very rich in the whole chain of amino acids contained in the meat protein. It is suitable for roasts and sauces. The breeding purely semi-wild and prepared in the company. All our products can be purchased in the company by our customers who come to visit us and taste our products. The company in the guise of Mr. Fiscella, a lover and deep connoisseur of the surrounding area, organizes guided tours to discover the cultural and environmental beauties of the places in the district where the company resides


The Isola Felice company offers its guests a range of services ranging from comfortable and bright double rooms, the rooms are located on the top floor of the building and are equipped with all comforts and services. From the rooms you can enjoy a panorama that will impress you with its vastness and its colors. Leisure activities such as the pool for moments of relaxation. We also offer beautiful excursions, soccer field, tennis court, bowling green, archery, horse riding and nature outings. Particularly requested and our catering service, the restaurant offers you a room with 100 seats where you can enjoy a simple and genuine cuisine with natural and organic products: vegetables, vegetables, olives and extra virgin olive oil produced by the company. You can also enjoy a menu with typical dishes of the place and the surrounding area, such as various types of dairy products and game.

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